Marloes Schrijvers

PhD student, University of Amsterdam
‘Uses of Literary Fiction in the Classroom’

Marloes Schrijvers (1989) is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (Research Institute of Child Development and Education). She attended Tilburg University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Text & Communication (2011, with honours), her master’s degree in Children’s Literature (2013, with honours) and her teaching degree in Dutch language (2014, with honours). 

In September 2014, she started her PhD project, titled ‘Uses of Literary Fiction in the Classroom: Changes in Self and Social Perceptions’. Her research is aimed at designing and testing pedagogical interventions for literature education in upper secondary school (both higher general secondary education and pre-university education), which will focus on developing students’ insight in themselves and their social insights. Her project is supervised by Gert Rijlaarsdam (UvA), Tanja Janssen (UvA) and Olivia Fialho (UU).

In addition to her PhD project, Marloes is an editor for Literatuur zonder Leeftijd (‘Literature without age’), a Dutch journal on children’s and young adult literature. She is also a member of the advisory committee ‘Illustrated children’s literature’ of the Dutch Foundation for Literature, as well as of the educational committee of ICO (the Interuniversitary Center for Educational Studies). Furthermore, she coaches a pupil during the first year of secondary education within the project School’s Cool in Utrecht. In her spare time, Marloes likes to read novels and to watch movies and tv-shows, but she also tries to go for a run in the park regularly and practices yoga every week.

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