Inge Brokerhof


Inge Brokerhof is a PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam (Amsterdam Business Research Institute). She is interested in the impact of media on its readers, viewers and listeners. 

She obtained a bachelor’s degree at University College Roosevelt Academy (Utrecht University, 2011, summa cum laude). She majored in Psychology and Sociology, with a minor in Rhetoric and Argumentation and conducted an Honours Thesis studying the use of rhetoric in Dutch newspaper articles. In 2013, Inge completed her master’s degree in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge (Selwyn College) and explored the relationship between music and aggressive thoughts and feelings (2013, distinction). 

In 2015 she began her PhD project titled ‘Uses of Narrative Fiction in the Workplace: Changes in Self and Social Perceptions,’ supervised by Matthijs Bal (University of Bath) and Paul Jansen (VU University). She explores the effect of literary narrative fiction on student’s career awareness, and the impact of fiction reading on managers’ and employee’s self-awareness and social skills. 

Inge has presented at the 2011 PALA (Poetics And Linguistics Association) conference and published in the NAWA journal of language and communication. She was awarded a VSB Scholarship for her MPhil at the University of Cambridge, where she was part of the graduate board (MCR) of Selwyn College. Currently, she writes a column about music and film for Oase Magazine (Oase Media). She has also published several short stories and was co-author of Perspectief, a high school textbook for life stance education (Thiememeulenhoff). In her spare time, Inge likes to write stories and songs, read books, travel and dance. 

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