Meet the researchers behind Find it in fiction


Our group represents an ideal combination of disciplines; we are educationalists, teachers, literary and film scholars, psychologists, all looking for the ways in which fiction can be relevant in the lives of people, and discovering the ways to stimulate the uses of fiction to learn: learning about ourselves, about our own minds, about others, about people and cultures long past.

Matthijs Bal


Matthijs Bal is Reader at the School of Management, University of Bath in the United Kingdom. Prior to joining Bath, he was affiliated to VU...

Emy Koopman


Eva Maria (Emy) Koopman is interested in the intersections between literature and psychology. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology...

Martijn Koek


Martijn Koek (1969) studied Dutch Language and Literature at Free University in Amsterdam. He obtained his Master's degree in 1995 and his...

Inge Brokerhof


Inge Brokerhof is a PhD candidate at VU University Amsterdam (Amsterdam Business Research Institute). She is interested in the impact of media on...

Moniek Kuijpers

MPI Postdoc

Moniek Kuijpers is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Her PhD...

Ed Tan

Project leader

Ed Tan is a professor of Media Entertainment at the University of Amsterdam.

Trained as a research psychologist he specialised in studying...

Dirk van der Meulen

PhD student University of Amsterdam

Historical literature education is traditionally associated with learning objectives as cultural literacy, literary-aesthetical development,...

Frank Hakemulder

Project Leader

My background is in literary theory and comparative literature. I conducted my Ph.D.-research (1998) at the department of Literary Studies at...

Marloes Schrijvers

PhD student, University of Amsterdam

Marloes Schrijvers (1989) is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (Research Institute of Child Development and Education). She attended...